About Green Bud Initiatives


Established in 2017, GBI is a shareholder and conduit between its network of expansive farms, massive extraction facility and other various green projects. We provide a dedicated marketing and direct sales staff, which allows us to continue in helping to push our brand, our partner’s brands, and other collective missions. The green farms and extraction facility are all located on specific legally zoned and state authorized plots. Due to the architecture of GBI’s business model, we decided to establish a domestic and international isolate and hemp biomass agent network. All agents and members of our network are required to be verifiable and follow strict working requirements. All GBI’s cooperative partners are fully vetted and are expected to comply with all state and federal laws and regulations based on their industry category and strategy. Due to the experience of our business leaders and cutting-edge business strategies, our partners have quickly become authorities and leaders in their respective space.

​Our goal is to allow anyone the legal and wonderful opportunity to have a long term stake in the mission of developing green acres and ultimately bring healing and abundance to our California neighbors.

The Global Initiative

We here at GBI are honored to be members of a legitimate and responsible cannabis industry. Through advocacy and compliance in the space we are taking part in a long-standing movement to end cannabis prohibition. In less than a generation, Americans have changed their minds about cannabis. Public opinion has turned against the laws that ban this healing herb, a historic shift in attitudes away from prohibition and propaganda. Currently, nine U.S. states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis for recreational use, permitting millions of Americans the right to consume freely in their home states.  Meanwhile, legalization is gaining acceptance in other countries and global cannabis research is at an all-time high.   At Green Bud Initiatives we are proud to be making a difference as part of this historic international movement.