This week was another extremely productive week for the progression of our property improvements as we get one step closer to completing the design of the 62.5k ft2 Greenhouse and one step closer to seeing a new roof on the 83k ft2 Greenhouse.

Property Improvements

  • Fence Construction: The top rail for the fence has been put in place. Once the fence cloth is delivered, it will be stretched and completed.
  • Debris Removal: All debris from the 83k ft2 Greenhouse was stacked and hauled off to the dump. We are extremely motivated to clean up the exterior of the property; however, with all of our new construction, it is an ongoing process, but we know we will get there shortly.
  • Packing Shed for Drying/Curing: Soil samples have been completed for the construction of the building. We are moving forward and will hopefully start construction of the building by New Years.

62,500ft2 Greenhouse Construction

  • With respect to the possible addition of Agratech’s positive pressure system, which will allow for CO2 and dehumidification, we have spent a great deal of time this week at the drawing board making minor changes to the irrigation hardline, plant grid and electrical, to ensure that the installation will go smooth and timely.
  • Irrigation emitters have all been punched and set, once the hardline is installed, irrigation will be completed: finally.

83,100ft2 Greenhouse Construction

  • Auto-Light Deprivation – Bids for the auto-light deprivation of this greenhouse are be repriced by various contractors.
  • Grading/Level of 83k Greenhouse – Preliminary grading of this greenhouse has occurred, once the roof is completed and lifts are no longer running over the interior of the property, we will go through one last time for a final cleanup.
  • New Poly Roof - The 11mm poly has been placed on the roof and is being pulled tight. There is no doubt in my mind that we hired the right crew to do this job.
  • Greenhouse End walls – We have priced black/white twin wall poly and will be ordering it in the following week for the greenhouse end walls.
  • Circulating Fans – Circulating fans have been ordered and we are awaiting shipment.
  • Exhaust Fans – Exhaust fans have been ordered and we are waiting on their arrival.
  • Heaters – We have received quotes for Holland Heaters and are waiting for additional quotes.
  • Debris from the 83k ft2 Greenhouse is being loaded and taken to the Dump.