Green House Development and Production Pics

Phase 2 of GH2 just down the street from GH1 project. Walls, roof, irrigation, nursery and pallet growing live. Half of the GH complete and actually close to first pull.

The project was slow to development due to private funding and construction learning curve. Total estimated completion 24 weeks from A-Z.

Over 1200 plants successfully developed and expected to reap 1200 + lbs of medicine within the next 2 - 3 weeks.

Growing production going to exact plan and the scope of the build out in tandem with first planting and harvest moving without a hitch.

Lovely crop of medicine.
Good Job Guys.

Growers are working around the clock to veg the initial teens expected to encompass the entire GH1 property the day after project construction completion.

The current grow is going so well and the development of the GH1 property is ahead of schedule so we expect to have the entire project ahead of schedule as far as first dividends to all invested.

The exact date of completion will arrive before the August deadline, however we will need more time to determine exactly when.

Notice the specifications and build out of GH1 and its beautiful design and functionality. GH2 will actually have same consideration + benefit of several innovations as well as an adjacent processing environment that allows us to utilize every inch of the GH most effectively.

GH1 was built after the cooperative specifications and as you can see more clearly in this picture the green is quite abundant and healthy.
We are extremely impressed with the agricultural team as well as the cooperative contractors that have been diligent about exercising best practice against the build out plan.
GH2 has a few quality assets and design benefits that we will exploit for our group benefit.
Irrigation innovation as well as lighting and flooring upgrades have been inserted into the GH2 production spec.

Phase 1 of Green House 2

It has already begun. Walls have been removed. Roof 1/3 removed and both are being prepped for the new side panels and roof being delivered next week. Floor is being worked on this week. Flattening and prepping for hard ground cover. Electrical and general utility upgrades are being conducted now and the laborious detail work is almost complete. Within the next couple of weeks it will be walled and covered with sophisticated white durable GH upgrades and then the internal aspects will be attacked.

Look forward to more project pics coming. (these pictures were taken by investors and supporters at both GH projects 4-25-17)

(5-4-17 GH2 Pic Updates) GH2 has been completely cleared of the old panels and roofing. Each screw has been removed by hand to leave entry points for the new panels and roofing to be properly attached. The pole and support structure has been power washed and prepped for the insertion of internal tech and GH climate/lighting controls. Notice the flat surface of the flooring. The grading was already done and we are now ready for ground cover as well.

It’s hard to picture the transition of this GH from it’s original condition to now. When we started we had a broken down, yellow and filthy structure with pot holes, spiders and trash obstacles. Now we have a smooth surface internal floor, clean and prepped metal structure that is completely wired and prepped for roofing, side walls and ground cover.

The next stage will take a couple of weeks to complete and the final phases will go quite rapidly.

As we chew through the construction items our plants are being vegged and prepped for insertion for the day post GH2 completion.

(pics taken 5-4-17)

GH2 walls are up as of this moment. This pic was taken 5-9-17. We are excited to announce that the roof is being prepped and getting dressed for installation now.
​ The timeline is still ahead of schedule and if all goes well we should be completed with GH2 by the end of June and ready for planting.
If you notice we are not leaving any outside access via the perimeter of GH2. This is terrific for security and control purposes. The building adjacent to GH2 on the right is being fitted for curing and processing and is the only access to the facility. The attached unit has a roll up garage type access for convenient product delivery to partners.

Here are the shots captured from 5-16-17 progress. All walls are up and the contractors are busy inserting roof panels. Our electrical and irrigation systems are also being installed and upgraded simultaneously. The workers are investing 18 hour days due to the challenging wind affecting the roof installation, but they love getting up at 1AM and working in the chill of the night (or at least that’s what they say).

GH2 is roofed, walled and wired. Now the detail work is at hand. We move to the task of internal growing containment. ie: individually walling 5,000 square foot sections of the facility for product security as well as causeway development.
The various contractors are busy upgrading the wiring and irrigation solution for drip irrigation that is automated and dependable.
Keep an eye out for GH2 internal phase updates over the next couple of weeks and we are cheering the construction crew on as they continue to bolt past deadlines with high quality workmanship in tow.

It was a beautiful day in Salinas at GH2 yesterday. 6/13/17. We had around 10 investors come up to the property and the tour was a significant success. It was interesting to experience the reaction of new prospects visiting with GH2 so close to completion.
The team is doing amazing work. The local farmers are all super impressed with the amount of quality work we have done is such a short amount of time.
The finishing attention and growing components are being handled swiftly with expert attention to detail.
We have laid the flooring material and are preparing for plant insertion for the first week of July.
​ The doorway has been cut into the curing and processing room. Now there is only one way into or out of the primary GH growing environment for control and security.
Rain water causeways and drip cups are installed at the end of every tapered corner of the roof to catch and funnel rain water back into our well system for environment care.

Lighting blackout solution is being installed for future growing condition controls.
5,000 square foot sections of the GH2 shelter are being walled in phase(s) to create sectioned off growing environments to further secure future crops from cross pollination of disease and/or adverse issues.
Plumbing and electrical tech are still being upgraded in phase(s) along every inch of the GH. Great job GBI team.

GH2 7-1-17. The Fans are installed and the GH has a bit of internal clean up required for transplanting activity to be safe and supportive for the plants. Currently 5,000 plants are ready to be moved into the GH, with another 5,000 plants only 2 weeks behind. The tandem process will allow the farmers to have a more reasonable harvest to attend to.
We are nearly complete. The next items on the list is security assets and then it’s time for testing the utilities to ensure the GH is good to go as a quality growing environment.

7-11-17 GH2 is complete. Testing is done and now the security assets are almost complete. Razor wire up nearly 90% and the guard shack is on route.
We have decided not to transplant until the entire perimeter is secured, however the plants are growing well in the nursery and there is no delay on harvest expectation. Good job GBI.

8-9-17 Transplanting from the nursery has occurred with the first 5,000 plants. The green is healthy and close to bloom. Each 2 gallon pot contains approximately 3′ growth with an expectation of a single pound of medicine per 6 pots (not including the extract oil opportunity lbs) The total GH will hold 10,000 plants and half of the grow is now successfully in house. The other 5,000 will be transplanted within the next 2 weeks.

The Ag team is doing an incredible job and we expect a wonderful harvest in September. (1 1/2 months ahead of the originally predicted timeline) Excellent work GBI!

The growers will take over the project once the plants are stable and the security force is on deck. Then we can begin the good work for the next big development project.