Green bud initiatives Farms

Our cooperative finds and acquires land that is zoned and ready for GREEN farming initiatives. Then we partner with vetted non-profit farming organizations that lease the land rights from our LLC. Our team provides education, security consultation, and ultimately a safe and legal environment to grow Medical Marijuana for the State of California.

The Land

We aren't just looking for quick access to zoned property, but rather the perfect conditions for GREEN farming. Soil properties, supportive neighbors, and just the right climate is all necessary for the healthy production of volumes of high quality cannabis.

The Equipment

Our GBI farms require the most state of the art farming equipment and growing technology. We are not producing hydroponic developed bedroom grown marijuana, but rather thousands of rich acres of natural and healthy medicine for our needful neighbors. They deserve our best.


Our GREEN farming partners are the best. They understand the current market expectations and are more than a set of green thumbs. They are agricultural scientists with a passion for the cannabis space. They love producing amazing strains that develop into volumes of healthy, craved batches of wonderful and effective product.

Environment & Sustainability

We live here and love our state. We understand that how we farm today will effect our tomorrow forever. It is paramount that we not push the our Earth beyond her physical condition to simply pump out crop after crop. We will sacrifice a portion of profit potential this year to ensure that we are safely and responsibly farming for decades.