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Green Bud Initiatives

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Green Bud Initiatives

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Premium CBD Isolates

All CBD isolates are not created equal. We only deal in extraction products of the finest quality. Join our National Network of CBD agents and enjoy business benefits that will give your firm real power. United purchasing strength. Pricing breaks unlocked. Product Quality Assured


Our network has thousands of acres of domestic cbd-rich industrial hemp farms nationally.  Partnered with our strong extraction facilities, we are your solution for premium cbd isolates and high-quality hemp biomass.

cannabis extraction facility

A 40,000 sq. ft. cannabis extraction facility that will serve North America's largest farming region and provide extractions at a cost no other factory can touch. Find out more and contact us today about how you can own a piece of history and generate historic returns from your ownership.


California has millions of acres designated for legal cannabis cultivation. GBI farms are state recognized as being among the finest facilities in quality and compliance.  Our team of  horticultural experts have a passion for the grow space and know what it takes to produce excellent, high potency strains.


GBI provides consultation to green farmers located on specific legal zoned and state authorized plots. We are also a conduit between our network of investors and our various green projects, providing operational support for all our partners. We have established an international isolate and biomass agent network and will soon operate a biomass testing facility. Our cooperative partners are all vetted and are expected to comply with all state and federal laws and regulations based on their industry categories and strategy.

​Our goal is to allow anyone the legal and wonderful opportunity to have a long term stake in the mission of developing green acres and ultimately bring healing and abundance to our California neighbors.

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